Star Trek - Inssurrection

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Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew from the Enterprise-D are back, this time in a new, Sovereign - Class starship, the Enterprise-E. While on a diplomatic mission with a new world being admitted to the Federation, Capt. Picard and crew are called to a section of the Alpha Quadrant called the Briar Patch to mediate what is being called a "territorial dispute" between the Federation-backed So'na and a race called the Ba'ku. The Ba'ku inhabit an idyllic world with "Fountain of Youth" properties. In fact, the Ba'ku homeworld constantly regenerates the cell structure of it's 600 inhabitants, giving them what adds up to immortality.

Admiral Dougherty, backed by the Federation Council, gives Capt. Picard orders not to interfere in the evacuation of the Ba'ku from their planet. What the Council does not know is the real reason the So'na and the Admiral want them evacuated - so that they can collect the strange radioactive, regenerative particles from the planets atmosphere. In the Admirals words, "to help billions".The So'na also have another reason for wanting the regenerative properties of the Ba'ku world, which I will reveal in a moment.

So, the lines are drawn. Does Capt. Picard not interfere with the plans of the Admiral, the So'na and the unwitting Federation Council, or does he assist the Ba'ku in saving their home? Take a guess!....

The Captain and his valiant crew decide to oppose the plans of the Federation and the So'na, and assist the Ba'ku. A startling discovery is made along the way - The So'na and the Ba'ku have identical DNA, they are one race! Over a century ago, a group of young people from the Ba'ku world turn against their elders and against the tradition of rejecting modern technology. They want to go off and explore the galaxy. They do and in return, they are banished from the Ba'ku home world. So here you have the secret So'na motive - to "take back" what they consider rightfully theirs.

In the end, the crew of the Enterprise destroy the technology for collecting the planet's regenerative particles, and convince the Federation Council to delay evacuating the Ba'ku from their world until a full investigation can be held. Once again, the Enterprise and her crew save the day. If you haven't seen this movie, and if I haven't ruined it for you, go out and get the video .... you'll be glad you did!

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sound files

In the interest of saving space, and having smaller files for the people that want to download the following sounds, I have decided to put them up here in the fairly new and increasingly popular MP3 format. Those with the latest versions of MSIE and Communicator should be able to play them but if not, just click on one of the links below to either get the latest version of the browsers or the WinAmp or other MP3 player. Thanks, and enjoy!

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Klingons don't do anything small "...Admiral Dougherty is waiting for this...."
( heheh, this one speaks for itself! ) The Captain getting ready for dinner
"...You'll be expected to dance with the Regent Qusar..." Captain Picard and the Regent cut a rug
"Can anyone remember when we used to be explorers?" Captain Picard and his love interest in a tender moment
"How many people does it take, before it becomes wrong?" "...Androids do not have fun..."
The Captain and his love interest in another tender moment "I don't think they believe us".."why not?".. "photon torpedo..."
"....On the Enterprise, we still report for duty on time..." "Commander Data, STAND DOWN!"
"...The android, he's out of control!" "... Have you ever experienced the perfect moment in time..?"
"Remind me to lodge a protest..." The Captain sings, short version
The Captain and Data sing a duet, long version Admiral Dougherty gives an order
Admiral's order, longer version "We could use another survey team out here..."
"Who the hell are we to determine the next course of evolution?" "...I never kissed you with a beard before"..."I kiss you, and you say yuk?"

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screen shots

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